Work with us and be your own boss

GoNow’s flexible income opportunity.

Start your own business today, at no cost, while helping your local community, businesses and the environment. 

During the COVID-19 crisis, we all learnt that we could not rely on global supply chains, meanwhile multinational companies like amazon are continuously speeding up the destruction of our local communities and businesses.


GoNow supports all independent brick-and-mortar businesses by assisting them to inform their local community what new products, services and promotions they have daily. GoNow - Think Local. Eat, Shop, Do.


GoNow is the perfect solution, but now we need an army of people to help spread the word. "That's where you come in"

If you feel the same as us, and want to help save your local community, support your local high street, become more sustainable and seek financial freedom. We have an excellent opportunity for you.


Achieve financial independence as a GoNow Network Partner. 


GoNow is a digital marketing platform that has many positive outcomes, including financial, environmental, community and social benefits for everyone. 


It's time to think differently: It's time to work when you want, as much as you want and for an excellent cause. 


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Frequently asked questions

About the GoNow Network Partner scheme

How much does it cost to become a Network Partner?

It is free to become a licenced Network Partner; the only investment you need, is your spare time, a PC, mobile phone, and an internet connection.


Where can I work?

You can work from anywhere in the world. However, the businesses you target must be from the town/city where you currently live. We do this because local knowledge is highly respected. 


How do I apply to become a Network Partner?

It is easy. You fill in this application form, and we review it. We then set you up with a GoNow Network Partner account and access to our Playbook which guides you through the process of obtaining new customers and growing your local community business.

How much can I make?

We give you 50% of all membership fees generated by our Network Partners. GoNow believes in generously supporting all local businesses, including your business. 

For example:

  • If you signed up 100 paying customers, you could receive up to 2,000€ a month (or 24,000 a year). 

  • If you signed up 1,000 paying customers, you could receive up to 20,000€ a month (or 240,000€ a year). 

More detailed information, including terms and conditions, will be shared with Network Partners after they register. 


What are my responsibilities?

You need to market GoNow in your local area, explain either via phone, email or face to face how local businesses can benefit from using GoNow. You also need to support your potential and existing clients.