GoNow - Registration guide for new accounts

You can administer vouchers from a PC, laptop or mobile device. Whatever is most convenient. 

Step 1 - Register
  • Enter your Name, Email, Password and Business Name

Step 2 - Confirm email 
  • Check your email inbox for an email from GoNow.

  • Then click on the “Confirm my account” link.

Step 3 - Login 
  • Enter your email and password

Step 4 - Enter promotional code and credit card
  • Enter a "Promotion Code", and click “Validate” (Optional)

  • Select “Choose” to continue.

  • Enter your credit card details to validate your account. 

Note: Your credit card will not be charged during the free trial period.
We will send you a reminder 7 days before your free trial ends. 

Step 5 - Store location 
  • Enter your website and business description. (Optional)

  • Then select "Add a New Store"

  • Search and enter your store location on the google map. Make sure your map location is accurate as this will be used to help people find your store. 

  • Add a store telephone number. (Optional)

  • Then click create

Step 6 - Create vouchers

Now create your first voucher.


Upload your pictures, pricing information, category, select the store, set the time’s vouchers will show, select display date: today only or customise the days, times and date range.


Then enter a description (optional add a description in multiple languages).


You can also add a link to your website or booking system, then select publish and create.


Your voucher has been published.


You can now view it on the GoNow app.

Pro tips

from the voucher screen, you can also activate, disable or delete vouchers from your account at any time.

If you use a laptop you can also duplicate vouchers.

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