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Can GoNow help traditional retailers fight back?

With e-commerce growing, traditional retailers are worried that they are losing the battle for customers.

I argue the reason why is remarkably simple. People now expect convenience at a reasonable price, not only this but they also want suggestions on what to buy. Most sizeable online e-commerce stores offer precisely this.

Mobile phone technology has accelerated the disruption with giants like Amazon focus on making one-click mobile shopping the norm.

So the big question traditional retailers want to know, is how we can change or reverse this trend?

Rather than fight, the mobile technology revolution store owners need to embrace it. The traditional store has one significant advantage over e-commerce, and this is they can offer real-world experiences. Ask yourself this, do you want to live in a city where most the stores are forced to shut because of companies like Amazon, where restaurants are downsized because of delivery companies like Deliveroo or Glovo, where VR or Netflix replaces real experiences like sporting events and theatre or cinema.

Retail is not going to die. Instead, I believe it will thrive as fundamentally people yearn for real experiences, they want to try things, touch things, socialise, browse, walk, talk etc.

Okay, but what does the future retailer need to do?

To survive retailers need to change and they need to focus on two key strategies.

  1. Marketing: they need to use technology like mobiles, wearables etc. to help people find their store.

  2. Instore experiences: they need to create exceptional in-store experiences.

By using technology to assist users and help them find what they are looking for at the right price at the right time, help them navigate, try things on and pay for goods or services.

So what is GoNow?

Its the next generation marketing app that allows retail stores to advertise their latest offerings to people nearby.

For consumers, it assists them to locate any new products and discounts available near them. Its simple, fast, convenient and free.

Try it today gonowpro.com

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