• Jason Leven

Can mobile marketing help save traditional retail?

Traditional retailers need to learn from e-commerce and build their strategies around these

Supercomputers in consumers pockets “Smartphones” have disrupted the traditional retail marketplace, and now retail stores have to reimagine, reinvent how they deliver value to consumers and stay relevant to an always-connected market.

Traditional retail marketing techniques will not work well and will not support the next generation of consumers! The reason why is remarkably simple.

Technology has made everyone selfish, In this modern world, we are time poor, we have millions of options, we will not tolerate being sold something we are not interested in using or experiencing right now.

The problem with current advertising methods is that it pushes its messages onto consumers.

Traditional advertising like TV, Radio, Newspapers, etc – is less targeted, often expensive, is becoming less relevant and will generally only work for big brands.

Digital advertising like Facebook and Google Adwords, although it is effective for getting users online and drawing them into e-commerce stores, or as a brand awareness exercise, it is a lot less effective for the bricks-and-mortar retailer who requires instant foot traffic into their store.

In the past, this style of push advertising worked, only because consumers did not have options, but in the “new technology-driven world” this is no longer effective.

Traditional retailers need a new advertising platform to compete with e-commerce. It needs to be user-centric therefore the user has to actively want or request it.

GoNow is the solution. GoNow allows the user to decide what they want, when they want it, at a good price.

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