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GoNow: The new app to help local retailers bounce back.

Updated: May 3, 2020

Retailers are suffering and financially hurting like never before; their customers are also shell shocked and confused.

How do we regenerate our local high streets after the coronavirus?

As businesses start to reopen, there is an urgent need to communicate what they are offering daily. People everywhere want to know what nearby stores are open, what products, services or promotions are they offering, can they order online, can they schedule a visit, is the store safe, what's the store location and phone number?

It's going to be a fight for survival, and the GoNow mobile app wants to be a vital part of the solution to help local communities to regenerate, recover and restart.

The free geo-targeting mobile app allows any retailer with a physical store to attract nearby people, by informing nearby people of their products, services and events daily. Every business will have different circumstances, strategies and require different messages depending on what they can safely offer at any given time. GoNow's proximity-based technology quickly enables any business to communicate their latest bespoke offerings instantly to nearby consumers.

"Using local ingenuity, GoNow wants to help regenerate the post-COVID-19 economy, to restart independent businesses and to kickstart the economy from the ground up." Jason Leven CEO Founder.

Its founders, based in Barcelona, who witnessed the relentless destruction of independent retail stores globally, due to global giants like Amazon, decided to build an app to help all stores to compete sustainably.

GoNow supports the three pillars of sustainability:

  1. Environmental sustainability: by giving all local businesses a tool to help prevent product wastage and reduce travel pollution.

  2. Social sustainability: we help everyone support their local communities, retail businesses and cultural events, by providing convenient access to nearby things to eat, shop and do daily.

  3. Financial sustainability: By giving local independent retail stores a tool to help compete with multinational competitors.

After all, who wants to live in a city or community without local independent stores, restaurants, or local entertainment?

If we learn anything from the current COVID-19 Pandemic, it's that our reliance on globalised supply chains and our old environmentally destructive path needs to change. We need to focus on the things that are important like family, community, local business, environment and safety. GoNow's goal is to help make this happen.

GoNow is a free geo-targeting mobile app that allows any retailer with a physical store to attract nearby people, by informing them of your products, services and events daily.

GoNow is offering free advertising to all bricks-and-mortar businesses to help them recover.

GoNow - Think local. Recover. Restart. Rebuild.

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