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The FREE GoNow app helps you  last-minute offers from stores, restaurants and entertainment providers.

  • Find local products, events discounts and promotions

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  • Be more environmentally sustainable - more info

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Easy local mobile advertising. 


Tell everyone you are open for business and what you have to offer.

  • Increase daily visitor footfall 

  • Improve awareness of your business and what you can offer

  • Help nearby people find your business location

  • Link to your website or booking system (improve your omni-channel marketing)

  • Be more environmentally sustainable by reducing waste. more info



Tell nearby people what you have to offer and how to get it.


GoNow can help your businesses survive during the COVID-19 crisis, by telling nearby people what products your business has to offer.


To help we are offering 1 month free trial, then if you choose to continue after the trial we are also offering a 50% discount. 


Short-term revenue strategies for bricks and mortar business

Coronavirus, or COVID-19, has been declared a global pandemic and is having an unprecedented impact on individuals and our economy at large.

As retailers are forced to close their doors to combat further COVID-19 outbreak, one of the biggest concerns (especially among "non-essentials" retailers), is how to compensate for lost in-store revenue.


Below are some suggestions for some possible ways you could use to help generate business and help your local customers to stay informed about your products, services and events.


  • Promote delivery or take away services

  • Offer 50% discount on pre-booked menus that can be redeemed later.

Retailer and Leisure businesses

  • Promote Gift Cards - great for birthdays, anniversaries etc

  • Build a pre-order strategy - like pay 50% now, enjoy 50% later

  • Special Offers like - First In First Win, Buy One get one free.

GoNow can help you now to survive this crisis and in the future when you need to inform everyone that you are fully back in business.


Take advantage of our free trial, then if you choose to continue after the trial and a 50% discount.

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